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About Us

What is SACQUA? It is a unique trademarked designer boat-loader.

Who is SACQUA? A new sailing brand launched in Summer 2016 created by Sonja, a sea- sport fanatic, sailor, boat owner and designer.

I have been sailing for many years and have chartered sailing yachts and motor boats in several countries but I simply could not find what I  was looking for!

I therefore conceptualised and designed the SACQUA to solve a solution for all boat owners.

SAQCUA was designed to be so lightweight that you can flat pack it in your luggage when you fly to your charter boat and large enough to load your boat when you arrive. We all know that buying a week’s worth of food, water, ropes, gas etc.. that not only do you need a trolley but a boat-loader SACQUA to put into the trolley!
It is all about easy loading!

If you own a boat it is also fantastic for loading for the weekend and to go ashore in the tender with a lightweight SACQUA that clips on to the boat. Alternatively, it is a great size to fit directly into your locker!

Children find the SACQUA really useful for dinghy sailing as it can hold the dagger board as well as all the wet gear.

This is more than just a big bag! It holds 15kg, folds flat saving space, seals with velcro a solution for wet cold hands and to stop the kids’ wet sandy gear falling out in the back of the car! The carabiner clip attaches the SACQUA to the boat, it looks gorgeous and it only costs 20Euros!

SACQUA is so stylish it was recently given to every captain in the Classic Yacht Regatta at Saint – Tropez in the South of France.

The joy of course is the price! Perfect as a birthday gift, Christmas gift or if you are a club you can purchase a box-load for prizes at even further reduced prices. Les Societe de Regattas in Antibes bought one for every yacht in the Regatta to Corsica! 52nd Crosiere Bleue Regatta! See the photos on this website or on Facebook

SACQUA is a new affordable sailing label and there are several other products in the pipeline! SACQUA – Why not?