“SACQUA products are inspired by the spirit and exuberance of the sea. “


Founder Sonja Waters-McGinn’s love affair with water started with her name, it continued with her passion for competitive swimming followed by International sailing, pleasure boating & family’s need for gorgeous gear that ticked all the boxes for travelling, boating, competitive water-sports & life on & off the water.


Sustainability & passion for the elements was at the core of founding this brand & our aim has always been to create a unique product, that is simple, nautically stylish, yet ultra practical offering a chic and eco solution, ensuring we are protecting our oceans as we use them. The cycle of using the water for pleasure & protecting it go hand in hand and so SACQUA was born. Wave after wave.

The first hero product, the classic SACQUA loader/ holdall has been used by professional & amateur yachtsmen at International Races and Regattas across the globe since its launch in such a short time. This Classic eye-catching foldable, clipable, staple has became an absolute must-have, even for people who had never set foot on a boat.This classic loader is a frequent sight with International race crews & with locals in Italian, French and Spanish seaside towns.

Some people even use them on ski slopes because they are so chic yet so practical.

Moving forward and the exciting addition to the SACQUA new range of waterproof dry bags, handbags and messenger bags offers an incredible solution to any one on or off the water – the magic is that it floats as well as keeps everything dry.

So versatile it can be used on any vessel from a dinghy to a super yacht or in the city or for travel as it designed dot fit as flight luggage. A solution for all sea-seafers & adventure seekers what ever the weather. Of course the all-important wow factor is guaranteed with all SACQUA products. Available in Ice White, Cherry Red, Nautical Blue, & Classic Black.


2021 will see the brand expand its range to men, women and juniors. Be the first to hear about our new products and get introduction discounts – sign up here.  The journey is just beginning, shopping options continue and research & design are at the pulse Just like the flowing tide & love for the sea.